What is Possible?

Since heading down this path of challenging myself, I have discovered a new world! A world full of people achieving the most amazing things. People like Steve Brydon on his Odyssey 4 Autism. Steve has turned his life around in last couple of years and is achieving some absolutely amazing things whilst raising awareness and money for Autism. Others, like Adam Evans, The Bonsai Adventurer and part of the Tuesday Night Parma’s, take on all sorts of adventures and raise money for various charities along the way. Inventing challenges like the Tour de France Push Up Challenge. Doing as many Push Up’s as kilometres ridden in the TDF (Hardest thing I have ever done). People like these guys really inspire me! They are challenging themselves and making a real difference along the way.

I am certainly no Poster Child on how to eat well and be fit. I have been terrible with both looking after my Nutrition and training over the last couple of months since the Marysville 2 Melbourne. Old habits die hard, but, I am back on track, trail if you will! I posted my fasted 15k run on the weekend at the Trail Running Series with a great lead out by self proclaimed “Plodder” (yeah right), Steve Brydon.

Reflecting back to that initial run 2 years ago, where I had to walk after 2 very slow kilometres, here I am, a middle pack plodder, running 15k trail runs with other like minded people! Planning a 100k Trail Run! I have come a long way.

What is Possible??? The question is so personal. Until you set yourself a goal you ‘think’ is just out of reach, I guess you’ll never know!

Below: Steve and I after our 15k Trail Run. Planning bigger things!!! Finding out what is possible!!

Photo: Quite chuffed with 1:15:37 for 15k on Rapid Ascent Salomon running Race 1 today..better was running with Aaron and getting roped in for his crazy idea of riding 500km in <24hrs...I'm in! He's doing awesome things in memory of his late dad..well done champ!!!

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